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Information For Cabin Equipment Buyers And Suppliers
Inside this issue:
September / October 2001, Vol. 5, No. 5

New By Airline
Qatar Airways' new Airbus Corporate Jetliner is as versatile as it is luxurious. The strategically positioned aircraft quickly converts to an air-ambulance to serve an affluent regional market.

From the luxurious "lie- flat" business class seats that transform into an office with the push of a button, to the humble economy seat designed by cabin crews and clothed in leather, we chronicle the latest developments at the center of the air travel universe.

Visit Report
Garrett Aviation's Jet Center -- Santa Barbara, is expanding while they turn out aircraft cabins as beautiful as their Mediterranean-like surroundings.

Cabin Care
Accommodating the disabled with thoughtful cabin design can make air travel much more bearable for a growing class of passengers with special needs.

About A/I:

The only magazine of its kind, A/I is dedicated to the coverage of airplane cabins, where passengers generally spend over 90 percent of their time during the air travel cycle. Each issue of A/I is packed with original material, the latest news and market insight that is directly relevant to all cabin equipment buyers and suppliers.
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In The Next Issue:
Trends in Cabin Lighting
In our next issue, we see the light. Subtle yet all-important, cabin lighting reveals and hides, accentuates and diminishes. It can elevate moods and enhance safety. Advances in design are as important as advances in effects -- flexibility, efficiency, durability and ease of installation are just some of the areas impacted by developing trends in cabin lighting. Our readers — suppliers and end-users alike — are invited to contribute news and opinion to support this feature article. For information on how to contribute material, write to: [email protected]

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J. ROBERT SCOTT - Specified by the Luxury Aircraft Industry for more than 20 Years

Cover Story
Growing In a Sluggish Economy
Smaller Backlogs Spur Diversification, Focus on the Aftermarket


After an historic peak in production, a worldwide economic contraction has led to a slowdown in orders for new aircraft. Yet most completions centers continue expanding as a combination of robust backlogs and an informed approach to the cyclical aviation economy keeps them bullish on the interiors market. Meanwhile, the OEMs and MRO suppliers working with the commercial airlines are feeling the pinch and turning their attention to the aftermarket and the business-jet sector.

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