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Information For Cabin Equipment Buyers And Suppliers
Inside this issue:
January / February 2001, Vol. 5, No. 1

New By Airframer
Innovation is this little plane's middle name. The first aircraft to make use of an airframe parachute system, the Cirrus SR20 has its interiors designed by a range of specialists representing aviation, automotive and other trades.

A passion for detail and quality binds a top French designer to outfitters in the American heartland to Japan's half-century-old flag carrier. And they all agree: building your dream interior's best left to the experts.

Visit Report
A/I travels to New England for a look at Gerber Technologies' high-end cutting systems. The people running the place are just as impressive.

Cabin Care
Keeping aircraft cabins tidy is no menial job. It takes an appreciation for design, materials, chemistry, and above all, long-term planning.

About A/I:

The only magazine of its kind, A/I is dedicated to the coverage of airplane cabins, where passengers generally spend over 90 percent of their time during the air travel cycle. Each issue of A/I is packed with original material, the latest news and market insight that is directly relevant to all cabin equipment buyers and suppliers.
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Trends in In-flight Entertainment and Communications
What's being done to recreate air travelers and keep them connected to the rest of the world? We look at the latest trends and products. Our readers, suppliers and end-users alike, are invited to contribute news and opinion to support this feature article.
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Cover Story
Autonomous and Thriving

Attempting to get a broad view of the current trends in completing aircraft interiors is akin to identifying individual droplets before they form a stream. Strategies and approaches vary wildly. Where some organizations are working to bring all aircraft interior services under one roof, others are intentionally remaining independent, relying heavily on sub-contractors. Still others are managing with an amalgamation of the two models.

Without sacrificing flexibility, each method is designed to bring order and effective control to difficult projects while encouraging initiative. And while there is certainly room in the current market for all management styles, the question arises: Will the often narrowly-focused independent firms that support airframe manufacturers and major modification centers survive the long run?

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